Commercial Cleaning in Lancashire

Actively Making Your Property Shine

Active Cleaning & Maintenance provides professional cleaning services for commercial customers in Lancashire.

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Your Trusted North WestCleaning Team

Clean properties play an essential role in the overall appearance and maintenance of your business. At Active Cleaning & Maintenance, we provide dependable commercial cleaning services for businesses in Lancashire and the surrounding areas.

Latest Cleaning Equipment

We stay up to date with the most recommended practices, techniques, and equipment to ensure your properties look their best.

Reliable Service

We are punctual and dependable. You can have the confidence that we will show up when we say we will.

Fully Insured and Certified

Our experienced team is qualified to clean and take care of your property.

Family Company

We are a local father-and-son cleaning business.

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How Can We Help?

Window Cleaning

Our experienced window cleaners will ensure that the windows of your business will be left sparkling so you can feel proud of your property.

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Jet Washing

Let us help ensure the exterior of your property is clean and well maintained with our effective jet washing service.

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Cleaning Services

Our contract and office cleaning services ensure that your workplace remains spotless. We use quality cleaning products to create a healthier work environment for your team.

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Ground Maintenance Services

Our team ensures that your grass is well-manicured, pathways are clear, and all greenery is healthy, making your business look welcoming and professional year-round.

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Certified and Qualified to Care for Your Property

We carry The Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS) accreditation that ensures our company's health and safety processes meet excellent standards. We also carry an IPAF license proving we have the proper training and experience to use powered access equipment on your property.

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Commercial Window Cleaning

Premium Window Cleaning for Your Business

Your windows are quite literally the window into your physical business space. Unfortunately, dirty, streaked windows can present a poor impression of your business and could impact customers' first impressions. At Active Cleaning & Maintenance, we aim to actively deliver the best version of your business from the outside with our sparkling window cleaning service.

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Reach and Wash Window Cleaning

We use a ''reach and wash'' window cleaning system that enables us to clean your windows from the safety of the ground using long-reaching, telescopic poles. We use a soft, bristled brush to scrub the dirt off your glass panes while jets of pure water rinse your window clean. Because pure water has no impurities or chemicals, it dries your windows, so they are spot-free. As a bonus, pure water is also environmentally friendly and safe. You will enjoy streak-free, sparkling windows for your business!

Commercial window cleaning using water-fed pole in LancashireCommercial window cleaning for the Jaguar car garage in LancashireCleaning exterior windows at Toyota car garagea man in a yellow vest is holding a water fed pole

Sparkling Feedback

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"Great customer service!"

Highly recommend, these guys are professional affordable and great at what they do! Great customer service! Couldn't fault at all!

Abbie A. via Google

Commercial Jet Washing

See the Curb Appeal of Your Property Restored

Jet washing is an effective way to remove dirt, grime, and rust from your property's concrete surfaces. While jet washing equipment is easily accessible, the service must be provided by a professional to guarantee the best results without the risk of damaging your surface. At Active Cleaning & Maintenance, our team is experienced in jet washing for your commercial property.

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No Hassle - Just a Clean Exterior

Our jet washing service uses the correct amount of pressure combined with our effective cleaning agents to restore your surfaces. We clean the exterior of your building or storefront to ensure that it is welcoming for guests and new customers. We work with you to ensure that we can align with your schedule to ensure minimal disruption.

Additional Services

Here's a list of things we can clean:


Our cleaning process for walls involves gentle yet effective techniques to remove dirt and grime without compromising the integrity of the surface.

Building Exteriors

We revitalize the exterior of buildings with eco-friendly cleaning agents, carefully dissolving years of weathering and pollution buildup.


Specializing in roof cleaning, we carefully remove harmful elements like moss and algae, which not only improves aesthetics but also prolongs the lifespan of roofing materials.


Our driveway cleaning services are designed to eliminate unsightly stains and hazardous growths, ensuring your drive is both safe and welcoming.


A pristine storefront is essential for attracting customers; our cleaning ensures your business frontage is inviting and representative of your brand's quality.


We ensure that signs are spotless and easy to read, reflecting the professionalism of your business and enhancing visibility.

"They always go above and beyond."

Fantastic service! They always go above and beyond. Highly recommended!

Sadiya L. via Google

We Go The Extra Mile

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Cleaning Services

Let Us Maintain Your Workplace

Dust accumulation, unclean surfaces, and disorganized spaces not only affect the aesthetic appeal of your office but also contribute to health issues among employees.

Professional commercial cleaning.

Professional Office Cleaning

Our office cleaning services in Lancashire and the surrounding areas are designed to alleviate these issues and create a clean work environment. By employing highly trained staff and utilizing state-of-the-art, eco-friendly cleaning products, we ensure every corner of your office is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. From regular dusting and vacuuming to deep cleaning carpets and sanitizing workstations, our services are tailored to meet the needs of your business, fostering a healthier and more motivated workforce.

We Take It Off Your Plate

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"Hassle free, professional and friendly"

So hassle free, professional and friendly, Really happy thank you!

Becki T. via Google

Ground Maintenance Services

Keeping Your Grounds Looking Their Best

Overgrown lawns, littered pathways, and poorly maintained landscapes can make your business premises look neglected and uninviting.

Commercial garden that has been maintained.

Dedicated  Commercial Grounds Maintenance

Our ground maintenance services are the perfect remedy for these issues. We offer regular, comprehensive upkeep that includes lawn mowing, hedge trimming, leaf collection, and pest control. Our skilled team uses modern techniques to ensure that every aspect of your property is meticulously maintained. With our services, you can rest assured that your business will always present a polished, welcoming appearance that reflects the high standards of your company.

"Couldn’t fault at all!"

Highly recommend, these guys are professional affordable and great at what they do! Great customer service! Couldn’t fault at all!

Abbie A. via Google

Your Trusted Team

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Gutter Clearing

Leave It to Us - Your Gutters Are in Good Hands

Leaves and debris naturally get stuck in our gutters. Due to winds, rain, and curious creatures, your gutters can become significantly clogged if left unattended. We provide a gutter emptying service that will remove any debris from your gutters so they will operate smoothly.

Gutter cleaning in Lancashire in progress.

Safe and Effective Gutter Clearing

Due to the amount of rain we get here in the UK, it is essential that rainwater can travel through your gutters down through your downspouts without any blocks or clogs. Gutter clearing is an important maintenance service that will ensure your gutters are working to their optimum condition. Our team are fully insured to clear your gutters. We take the time to ensure that all leaves and debris are removed so your gutters will operate smoothly when the rain comes.

Let Us Handle It for You

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"Much easier than doing it yourself."

Excellent service and much easier than doing it yourself!

Diane E. via Google

Solar Panel Cleaning

Let Us Protect Your Investment

We appreciate that when you have solar panels installed, you are making a significant investment in your home and the future of cleaner energy. Therefore, your solar panels must continue to provide the benefit they are built for and are not impacted by dirt and grime, which can decrease their efficiency. We help clean your solar panels in the safest way so that they will operate as they should.

iamge of large commercial solar panels

Reliable Solar Panel Cleaning Service

It is integral to contact a professional company that knows how to clean your solar panels safely. Our team is experienced in cleaning solar panels. We understand the correct amount of pressure to apply and how to achieve the best, sparkling results for you.

We Actively Keep Your Property Clean

You can count on Active Cleaning & Maintenance Ltd. if you are searching for a dependable cleaning company that operates in and around Lancashire!